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Benefits Of Adding Seamless Gutters To Your Home

Installing seamless gutters on your home can have some benefits that you might not be aware of. While the gutters do protect you from the water coming off the roof as you enter or exit your home, they also have some other important jobs that can protect your home from damage over time.

Why Go Seamless?

When you are considering gutters for your home, you may notice that there are many different options on the market, but seamless gutters offer the benefits of being made from one continuous piece of material. Each section of the gutter is extruded to fit the areas of the home, so long runs of gutters do not have seams that can open up and allow water to leak out along the length of the gutter. 

If you have an extremely area that needs a gutter to cover it, you may need to talk with your gutter installer about the length of the run, but in most situations, as long as the gutter is supported correctly, there are little to no limits to the length of the gutter that you can use. These seamless gutters are typically made from aluminum that comes painted or powder-coated for durability, and because it is extruded from a roll of flat material, the design or style of the gutter is something you can pick when you order the gutters to fit your home's style.

Foundation and Siding Protection

Houses that do not have gutters in place around the roof's perimeter are left unprotected in several areas. The siding on the home, the foundation, and the sill plate that the home is sitting on can all be damaged by water running off the roof of your home and hitting the ground next to the house. 

The water splashing up from the ground can saturate the wood over time, causing it to rot. The siding will often get dirty from the mud and dirt splashing on it when it is raining and is a good indication of where the potential damage will be if you do not install seamless gutters along the roofline. 

Water collecting along the house can also seep into the ground along the foundation, and over time, it will damage the concrete foundation. If the foundation starts to crack, that water will eventually find a way through the cracks and into the basement. The result can require expensive repairs to the basement, the foundation, the siding, and even the home's sill. In the long run, it is less costly to install seamless gutters on the house and prevent the damage from happening. 

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