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Four Things To Know About Your Well Pump

If your new home makes use of a well to supply its water, then you will need a pump to bring that water up to the surface. When choosing a pump, the first decision is often the most critical. Shallow pumps, sometimes referred to as jet pumps, sit above-ground and pull the water to the surface. These pumps are sufficient for wells that are less than 30 feet deep, but they will not work for much deeper wells. If your home's well is deeper than this, then you will need a deep submersible pump. Pumps of this type sit deep within your well, but there's much more to know about them.

Deep Submersible Pumps Aren't the Only Option

Although the typical jet pump is only designed to pump water from a well that's about 25 feet deep or less, there are still non-submersible options for wells that are slightly deeper. A convertible jet pump can have an ejector nozzle installed. This nozzle allows the pump to operate in wells up to about 100 feet deep, although the pump itself will still sit in an external housing outside of the well.

You Need to Know Your Static Water Level

Your well has two important values to note: a static water level and a recovery rate. Under normal circumstances, the water in your well will find an equilibrium point when the pump is off. This value is the static water level. Your well's recovery rate is the amount of time that it takes for the well to return to its static level after pumping has ceased. A deep well pump must be installed below the static water level of the well.

Deeper Is Better

Your pump cannot be installed at the bottom of your well, but it should be located well below the static water level. This requirement is due to the natural drawdown that occurs as the pump operates. Although your pump is unlikely to deplete the groundwater supply, it will reduce the water level within the wall. As the water level drops, the pump must stay comfortably below the surface to continue to operate.

Deep Submersible Pumps Are Safe and Efficient

Other options may exist for wells that are not exceptionally deep, but submersible pumps offer the best balance of efficiency and safety. Since the ground acts as a natural filtering mechanism, deep wells offer water that is cleaner and safer than potentially contaminated water closer to the surface. By using a submersible pump in a deep well, you guarantee a water supply that will be reliable, efficient, and safe to drink.

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