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Waterproofing Your Home's Exterior

Moisture damage is easily one of the most problematic issues that homeowners will have to address. While preventative steps are the most effective for keeping a home safe from water damage, homeowners will often fail to invest in having the exterior of their house waterproofed.

Is Wood The Only Exterior That Benefits From Waterproofing?

The threat of rotting wood is one of the main problems that moisture damage can cause. However, it is also possible for moisture to cause extensive damage and problems for masonry and metal exteriors. When a masonry exterior is exposed to large amounts of water for an extended period of time, it can develop cracks and may even start to crumble. Additionally, metal will develop corrosion that can leave it weakened and vulnerable to puncturing. Typically, corrosion-resistant metals are used in the exterior of homes, but even these metals can eventually break down as a result of prolonged and excessive moisture exposure. For this reason, it is usually beneficial for homes of almost any type of exterior material to go through the process of being waterproofed.

How Often Will An Exterior Waterproofing Coat Need To Be Applied?

While a homeowner may not want to go through the process of having their home's exterior waterproofed, this can provide some immediate and very noticeable benefits. Additionally, this is a type of work that will not need to be done very frequently. For most homes, a professional exterior waterproofing will provide effective protection for many years. It will eventually need to be necessary to reapply the protective waterproof coating, but this should not be something that you have to worry about for a very long time once you have this upgrade made to your home.

Is Applying A Coat Of Sealant To The Exterior All That Is Involved With Waterproofing An Exterior?

Applying a protective coating of waterproof sealant will be the most common step in waterproofing a home's exterior, but it is not the only step that may be necessary. For example, there are some homes that will have drainage issues that allow large amounts of water to collect around the base of the home. The installation of drainage systems may be necessary for these homes as pooling water will eventually breakdown the protective waterproof coating that is applied. While a homeowner may want to avoid this type of hassle and expense, it can provide major structural benefits to the home. In addition to keeping the exterior walls from rotting or developing cracks, improving the drain can help to protect the foundation of the house as well.

For more information, contact an exterior waterproofing company.

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