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Tips For Installing And Maintaining Your Gas-Powered Tankless Water Heater

If your home's water heater has failed and you have decided to replace it with one of the newer-style tankless water heaters, then this is a great way to save your household some money. Tankless water heaters are much more energy efficient than their tank-style cousins. Tankless water heaters don't require as much gas for day-to-day use because they aren't continually trying to keep a storage tank of water hot.

In addition to their energy efficiency, tankless-style water heaters also provide your family with a continual stream of on-demand hot water that never runs out - no matter who just showered and for how long! 

To install and maintain your new gas-powered tankless water heater, follow each of these important tips: 

Tip: Have Your New Tankless Water Heater Professionally Installed

To ensure your home's new gas-powered tankless water heater is safe and working properly, it must be installed by a licensed plumbing contractor. Though you may want to save some money and do it yourself, most hot water heater manufacturers require professional installation to validate their extended warranties.

Tip: Regularly Remove the Mineral Scale Buildup from Inside of the Water Heating Chamber

As the water heats inside of the heating chamber, naturally dissolved minerals contained within it precipitate out and form scale. To keep the mineral scale buildup from damaging the inside of your new gas-powered water heater and lowering its energy efficiency, you need to regularly remove it. To do so, follow this simple procedure:

  1. turn off the main gas line
  2. close all water lines
  3. remove the purging line
  4. attach flushing lines
  5. open the purge point valves
  6. flush the system with vinegar or specialty tankless water heater cleaner
  7. repeat each step in the opposite order to restore the water heater's function

Once the water heater has been flushed and restored to working order, then you need to turn on one of the hot water faucets in your house and run it for a while. This is necessary to remove any air trapped inside of the water heater's heating chamber.

Tip: Save Money on Heating by Turning Down the Water Heater's Thermostat

Finally, though simply using a tankless water heater will save you money on your gas bill, your household will realize additional savings by turning down your new water heater's thermostat to 120 degrees. Turning down the thermostat also prevents accidental burns and this is especially important if you have young children in your home.

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