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What You Should Know When Putting In A Well

When you are planning water well drilling and installation on your property, whether it is your first well or it is a replacement for an older well on the property, there are many things that you may need to know. Learn more about some of the important facts about installing and having a well on your property. Then, you can hire a well water installation contractor to help you get your project started right away.

You Never Know How Much Groundwater You Actually Have

One of the facts to keep in mind when you are planning to drill a well on your property is that you cannot ever guess or assume how much groundwater you have on your property. Groundwater comes from rain and other water that hits the surface of the land. It soaks down into the soil, where it is naturally filtered and then moves underground.

A person cannot assume that they have abundant groundwater on their property, even if they are in an area that experiences a great deal of moisture throughout the year. Because groundwater moves and does not stay in one place, it is unpredictable.

As such, you may have to try drilling a well in several locations to find the right source of groundwater. You may also find that you do not have enough groundwater to sustain a household using a water well.

Groundwater Can Be Contaminated

Another factor to keep in mind is that groundwater is not always guaranteed to be free of contaminants. The soil and rocks do filter and clean the water that soaks deep into the ground. However, if the surface of the land has other contaminants like pesticides and other chemicals, they can stay in the water even as it soaks further down into the earth.

As you plan your well digging project and get ready to start, have a crew come out and test your groundwater before choosing a placement for the well. You may have very clean groundwater and be in luck, or your groundwater may have contaminants that you will need to filter out using a high-quality whole home water filtration system.

Knowing the quality of your groundwater can help you to better plan your well placement as well as the type of filtration system you will need to use in your home to make the water safe for use.

Know Your Pumps Will Need Maintenance and Repairing

Having a water well as your home's primary source of water is quite different than being on a standard water grid. One of the issues that you will always have to keep in mind is your water pumps. The well pump is what gets your water moving from your well into your home. As such, it is perhaps the most vital component of your water well. 

Well pumps generally last about 10 years, give or take a few years in either direction. If you want your well pump to last that long, you will need to have a water well maintenance company come out and inspect and repair your well pump fairly regularly. Even if you do not experience any major issue, an inspection once a year is best to keep your water well pump in the best possible shape. 

With these factors in mind, you can better plan your water well installation project and be prepared for all of the possibilities as the project gets underway.

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