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3 Important Steps To Prevent Rockfall When You Live On A Mountain

Living on a mountain has its perks. You might have breathtaking views, and you might enjoy a secluded piece of property and a simple lifestyle. Living on a mountain does have its dangers, though. Rockfall is one thing that you could be worried about, and it can affect you and your family while also putting people who are hiking or driving nearby at risk. Rockfall is a natural thing that is going to happen from time to time in mountain areas, but these important steps can help.

1. Use Soil Stabilization

Soil stabilization techniques can be put in place on mountain properties. This helps keep soil and rocks stable and prevents erosion and rockfall. Soil stabilization is done on many different types of properties, including mountain properties where rockfall is a concern. With soil stabilization, steps will be taken to stabilize soil and rock so that rocks will be more prone to staying in place.

2. Be Careful When Building

When adding on to your home, putting up a shed or other building on your mountain property or otherwise building on your own little piece of paradise, keeping rockfall in mind isn't something you should forget. Exercising caution when doing any type of do-it-yourself building project will help prevent rockfall. When hiring builders and contractors to help with building projects on your mountain property, looking for people who work locally and have experience with building on mountain properties will help you find a team that understands the dangers of rockfall and that will help prevent it.

3. Use Landscaping to Your Advantage

With the beautiful views that you might be able to enjoy from your mountain home, you might have never made landscaping much of a priority. Plus, landscaping might be challenging when your property is covered in rock and when you're at a slope. Even simple landscaping can help with rockfall, though. Planting dense vegetation can help make the soil stronger and help hold everything together. It can also improve the aesthetics of your mountain property even more. Landscaping your own property when living on a mountain is a big task to undertake on your own, but a professional who works in your area and who may do landscaping on other mountain properties may be able to help. Just make sure that you mention your concerns about rockfall so that your landscaper can help you work out a solution.

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