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Four Don'ts For Construction Dumpsters

Any construction project or site will need some way to get waste away so that the finished work can be shown off to clients. Construction dumpsters are often kept on sites throughout a project, but owning them creates more work for you because you've got to determine how to empty them and put them into storage. Renting these dumpsters eliminates those tasks; the rental company will move them when full. Because you'll think about them less, mistakes are possible; just avoid these "don'ts".

1-Not Exploring Permits

You may have construction permits all over your office, and it's easy to put the responsibility of securing permits onto the rental company. However, you're the person who the city will fine if required permit documents aren't applied for and granted. Call the office and specifically inquire about waste and construction dumpsters. Ensure you respect the timetable they give you; don't accept dumpsters on the property until you have permits in hand.

2-Ignoring Dump Limits

Your workers may be dumping materials throughout the day without regard to how high the piles are becoming. It's easier to ignore them because other work is still being done. However, when you see limits being reached, cover the dumpsters or block access. Drivers will not carry construction dumpsters that could spill; that wouldn't be safe or responsible behavior on the road. Your workers will have to remove some of the items; to avoid that extra time, ensure all know when to stop dumping. 

3-Failing to Recycle

One reason construction dumpsters could be overflowing is that too many items aren't being recycled. Lumber and metal should be separated from other trash; area recycling facilities are happy to have them. Some chunks of concrete are also permissible for recycling; locate centers nearby. 

4-Hiding Forbidden Items

There are times when people just don't want to be bothered with forbidden lists, thinking that a small paint can or oil jug can go unseen. However, this can be a serious violation of any rental agreement. Fluids may spill and other items should not be mixed with regular trash and waste. Post the forbidden list where workers see it and remind them about it. You may periodically post people near the dumpsters to monitor what's going in.

These "don'ts" could cause unnecessary rental and legal troubles; your attention to construction dumpsters is needed daily. Make your company's experience with rentals a positive, mutually beneficial one. Get in touch with a company like Pro Star Roll Off Dumpsters to learn more.

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