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Care And Maintenance Tips For Your Home's Vintage Clay Tile Roof

Whether you live in a historic home or merely an older house with a vintage clay tile roof, it is important you take special care of the tiles to ensure their continued longevity and the structural integrity of your roof. These professional roofing care and maintenance tips will help you do just that:

Tip: Never Walk Across Aged Clay Roofing Tiles

Just as you would never overturn and stand on an old clay pottery bowl because your weight might break it, the same can be said for never walking across aged clay roofing tiles. Even though your roof's tiles may be brittle from age, that does not mean they aren't still protecting your home from moisture. However, if you walk on them and crack or break them, then your roof will absolutely leak in the future.

If you need to make a repair on your roof, then you need to build scaffolding or remove a path of tiles and reinstall them when you are finished with the repair.

Tip: Use Corrosive-Resistant Copper Nails, Straps, or Tabs

When it comes to old clay roofs installed over hardwood oak planks or battens, it is vital that you use only copper nails and hardware for repairs. While you might assume any type of nail would be acceptable with clay tiles (and you would be right!) there is a serious problem with using galvanized and steel nails with oak boards. The acid in the old oak timbers will cause most nail types to corrode over time, but copper is impervious to this damage and is the only choice when fixing your tile roof.

Tip: Match Your Tiles at a Local Restoration Yard for Replacement Needs

The next time you happen to drive past your local restoration yard, stop and see if they have any clay tiles that match or are similar to your roof. Often, multiple homes were built in the same area with the same roofing materials, and these materials are often collected by salvage yards to be used on new construction or to fix older homes.

Tip: Have Your Vintage Clay Tile Roof Inspected and Maintained by an Experienced Roofing Contractor

It is important to note that a clay tile roof fired many decades ago can easily have a productive lifespan of over a century. However, in order to properly protect your older or historic home, your clay tile roof needs regular inspection and maintenance by a licensed roofing contractor with extensive experience working with older clay tile roofs. Regular inspections and repairs will fix small tile breaks and leaking areas before they have a chance to seriously damage your roof's underlying structure.

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