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Three Things To Think About When Re-Doing Kitchin Flooring

Your kitchen's floors are the largest work surface in the room, as you constantly use them as you are baking, cooking and cleaning. Their size and the amount of wear and tear that they experience throughout the day means that the material that you choose for your kitchen floors is of utmost importance.

Therefore, when you are considering kitchen renovations, there are a few important things that you should take into consideration to ensure that you make the best possible choice for your floors.


The first thing that you should always think about for any remodeling project is the budget that you have available. This allows you to set expectations on a practical basis, and only look at options that fight within your budget so that you aren't disappointed by a material that is well outside of your price range.

Inexpensive options that are well suited for kitchen flooring include vinyl or laminate flooring: both are able to withstand high levels of moisture relatively well, are easy to clean, will not stain if exposed to food and liquid spills, and are comfortable to stand on for a long period of time.

Hardwood flooring and tiles tend to be on the pricier side, with different types of tiling and wood varying significantly in price.

Interior Design

The overall design and floorplan of your kitchen is the next consideration that you should think about when looking at different types of potential flooring materials.

Neutral-colored kitchens go well with porcelain or ceramic tiles, which come in neutrals and light versions of various shades. It's also important to note that tiles can be used to match your floor to your countertop or backsplash if you are also remodeling those areas of your kitchen.

Warmer kitchens would benefit from hardwood flooring's natural shading. Vinyl and laminate flooring are both able to be easily customized in to a wide range of different colors and patterns, making them a good choice if you want to customize the appearance of your floor to a significant degree.


The last thing that you should take into consideration when looking at potential kitchen flooring materials is the amount of maintenance required. Hardwood flooring, for instance, can require occasional staining over time to ensure that the floorboards do not become damaged due to moisture absorption.

Ceramic tiles will also need to be sealed periodically, though porcelain tiles can handle moisture exposure without being sealed due to their firing process. Both vinyl and laminate are able to withstand moisture without swelling or becoming damaged, which makes them exceptionally easy to clean.

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