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3 Things To Consider With The Custom Wood Cabinets For Your Tiny Home

You've made the decision to create your tiny home from the ground up and trade in your normal-sized house for a more compacted one. You are in for a lot of time spent with custom builders and service providers because the regular store-bought items simply don't fit the tiny home plan. A custom wood cabinet maker is bound to be one of the professionals you have to seek. Here are a few good things to consider as you are consulting a custom cabinetry designer for your tiny home. 

Consider sliding cabinet doors instead of those that swing open. 

Floor space in your tiny home will be limited, so swing-open doors may not quite fit into the layout of your small kitchen. If you have an especially narrow kitchen area, having doors that slide to the side instead of swinging open will make it less likely that the doors will bump into things when they are opened. Therefore, jut being in the kitchen and doing usual things will be less of a tedious process. This is a simple change in the building process when the cabinets are made but can be extremely convenient once the cabinets are installed in your tiny home.  

Integrate space-saving features for your tiny kitchen into your cabinetry.

Because the kitchen cabinets will take up so much space in your tiny kitchen, it is crucial that this one component provides multiple purposes for the kitchen space. For example, your kitchen may not have enough space to situate a trash bin without it being in the way, but you can have a trash bin holder integrated into your cabinets. Or, you could have a slide out counter-piece installed that would serve as a makeshift bar or breakfast table with a few bar stools. An integrated wine rack, toe-kick storage drawers, and other options are also possible. Talk to your custom cabinet builder about the different space-saving options available. 

Look at custom cabinetry options for other parts of your tiny home. 

Just like cabinets in your kitchen can be customized to better suit a tiny life, so can cabinetry in other places. For example, many tiny home dwellers choose to have organizational cabinetry created for their bedroom so there is no need for a closet or dresser. Likewise, custom cabinetry for the bathroom introduces storage space in a way that cannot be created with traditionally sized features, like a store-bought vanity. 

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