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Getting Rid Of Electronics For Small Businesses

Are you upgrading to a new set of workstations? Does your business need to toss out old office equipment, displays, or outdated machinery? Getting rid of electronics can be difficult for growing businesses because they generally have too much waste for residential trash bins while having a budget that's too small for a major waste management department. Here are a few disposal details to help you make the right choices without overspending or wasting an old investment:

Why Specifically Electronics?

Recycling is a tricky subject because of not only the potential environmental damage and legal issues but because of the opportunities that come from throwing things away properly.

Many businesses are encouraged to recycle their own materials or deliver materials to a recycling center with an awkward balance of penalties and rewards. Some areas will fine individuals and businesses for illegally disposing of electronic waste (eWaste), although the penalty is inconsistently applied in some cases. In many situations, trash pickup simply won't take your electronic waste if they notice the waste.

For rewards, there are multiple recycling sub-industries based on recycling specific materials. Copper, gold, tungsten, platinum, aluminum, and many other materials can fetch a decent price on the recycling market at either general recycling centers or private sales to businesses and hobbyists who want scrap materials in bulk for their own purposes.

Electronics are prime targets for recycling control because of the toxicity of some components such as printed circuit boards (PCBs) or capacitors. The materials also have a respectable recycling rate, even during some economic conflict situations.

Handling Electronics Recycling As A Growing Business

Movable containers, flexible workers, and a delivery plan are the core of your success.

You need to rent or purchase containers that are large enough to place multiple devices and components, and you need to have a team that can handle the disposal without adding too much to your company's costs. This can mean adding a bonus to current employee pay, hiring a janitorial staff, or hiring a team dedicated to commercial technology moves or removal.

For most businesses, a simple container or set of containers for all electronics will be enough. Many recycling centers have generic recycling rates for specific devices, and many hobbyists will assume that they will need to do their own scrapping.

The rare exception is a change in material content that leads to a price increase. If you have a new device model that has a huge chunk of gold or platinum, you'll need to sell that separately or make sure that the recycling center has updated prices. Similarly, if scrap metal prices skyrocket, you'll need to make the same confirmations for all of your devices.

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