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Helpful Machine Shop Welding Tips For New Employees Without Hands-On Experience

If you are going to be working in a machine shop for the first time and do not have a lot of hands-on experience working with steel fabrication, then you will find these tips helpful:

Tip: Use Spreader Chains with Bend Plates to Move Large Sheets of Steel 

When you need to move large sheets of steel from one place to another, use spreader chains and bent plates for the best grip. Place bent plates on each corner and hold them in place with strong clamps. Using this method to move sheets of metal will protect your staff from the injuries that are caused by dropping the steel mid-move.

Tip: Practice New Fabrication Techniques on Scrap Metals Before Production Parts

Since you are new to working with steel and fabricating custom parts, you should always practice new fabrication techniques on pieces of scrap metal before attempting to make customer's production parts. Everyone has to learn fabrication skills somehow, so your manager expects that you will need some practice before you can produce the high-quality parts their customers expect. You will impress your boss a lot more by asking to practice each technique as you learn them rather than potentially damaging their customer's parts.

Tip: Learn to Skillfully Use a Dynafile to Clean Welds in Tight Areas

Your machine shop will expect you to clean up all of your welds, even those in very tight areas. The best tool for cleaning and deburring tight areas is a Dynafile. Dynafiles use small rubberband-size abrasive belts to remove excess weld material on your fabricated parts. If you do not have a lot of experience using this helpful tool, then you should practice using one. A Dynafile will save you a lot of time when cleaning welds and will make your parts look a lot cleaner. 

Tip: Use Flap Discs to Clean Welds on Stainless Steel Fabricated Parts

Finally, when you need to clean up welds made on stainless steel parts, you should use a flap disc. While some machine shops have always used a two-step cleaning process, flap discs use only one step and are a lot faster. Previously, cleaning up stainless steel welds required first using a grinding wheel and then resin fiber discs, now that flap discs are on the market, they will do the job in a single step. This makes your weld clean up much faster and the discs leave behind a professional finish. 

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