Choosing The Best Construction Crew and Contractor

Steps For Turning Your Basement Into A Livable Space

Your basement can take up a significant portion of your home; often the size of the basement is equal to the first story of your home! That is a lot of space to leave unfinished. When you decide to completely finish your basement and make it into an appealing space, you can effectively double the size of your home. You can add additional bedrooms and living spaces or even bring in a tenant with their own space. Companies like Winston Brown Construction are able to help you build the basement of your dreams! Here are some of the steps that go into a great basement finish:

Basement Waterproofing

If you will have valuable items in your basement living space, or you want to bring in a tenant to live in the space, one of the biggest parts of your budget will be to get the basement fully waterproofed. There are a couple of steps that go into this. Sealing basement walls with a waterproof coating is a start. Covering any windows that lead to the surface is also important because these channels allow rainwater to easily build up near basement windows and eventually leak in. You will also want to look at the state of your landscaping because certain formations of plants can be a way for rainwater to get to your foundation. Have a landscaping professional review the placement of plants, the slope of your yard, and other factors that will affect how water travels through your property.

Walls and Flooring

Walls and flooring choices affect how homey the space feels. But they have repercussions beyond that. Certain wall covering choices will affect the cost and ease of keeping a space heated since insulation is a big determiner of energy efficiency. Flooring can have an effect on the overall brightness of the space. Laminate flooring, for instance, helps reflect ceiling lights back into the room. All of these choices are important, but any upgrades you choose to make are probably better than what you have in place in your current, unfinished basement.

Plumbing and Electrical Wiring

You may need to make adjustments to your plumbing system or your electrical wiring if you need to have a heavier amount of activity in your basement. The basement may not have adequate electrical outlets for a tenant, which may mean that an additional circuit breaker needs to be added. Sometimes, you can reroute existing infrastructure so that you can power the basement without adding additional circuit breakers. Plumbing sources and HVAC routes can also sometimes be rerouted to accommodate heavier use in the basement.

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Choosing The Best Construction Crew and Contractor

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