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Why You Should Always Have Home Fire Sprinklers

Fire sprinklers have been around for many decades without a lot of change in their design. That's for a good reason; the concept simply works well as a fire suppression method. Here are some reasons to get fire sprinklers in your home.

They Actively Suppress Fires

Fire sprinklers are so effective because they actively work to suppress a fire that has begun in your home. Sure, it's great to have a good smoke detector system in your home. But a smoke detector only works to let you know there is a fire in your home. They won't even start going off until there is a high enough concentration of smoke to set them off, and by then, the fire could be getting substantial. And once your fire detectors go off, you still have to take the extra steps of calling a fire department.

Fire sprinklers are great because they start to dampen the fire from the beginning. Before the fire department gets there, they can help get the fire under control to reduce property damage and the risks of personal injury from smoke inhalation or flame exposure.

The lower risks with fire sprinklers will translate to lower liability for you; you will find that you can get lower fire insurance rates and have a better case if you need to hire a fire attorney to mitigate your losses from fire damage.

You can take your fire sprinklers a step further in this regard by having a fire extinguisher within reach as well. Fire extinguishers have many of the same benefits as sprinklers in terms of actively suppressing fires, but they take it a step further to provide localized, concentrated fire suppression. When you have both in place, you are taking key steps to protect your safety. 

They Can Be Subtle

Fire sprinklers can fit right in with whatever design you have for your home. The cheapest way to accomplish that is just to paint them the color of your ceiling. But you could also have your fire suppression specialist hide them behind a recessed panel that opens and releases the sprinklers when they are activated.

They Can Be Customized

Fire sprinklers can be customized in many ways. The first is in the amount of water they release. They can release water in a trickle, a mist, or even a full-on deluge. That depends on what kinds of electronics you have in the area and how much fire risk you have in each area of the house. Fire sprinkler installations may also be customized based on the design of your home, with sprinklers being more spread out in areas where you don't have a lot of fire risk or where there are fewer valuables to lose.

The bottom line is that, if you haven't already considered installing fire sprinklers in your home, they can be a great addition. Of course, they work better when they are used in conjunction with a full-featured fire alarm and home monitoring system.

For more information, you will want to contact a company such as Amerisafe.

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