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Two Principles To Help Keep Your Shower From Getting Moldy

Glass shower enclosures can be very aesthetically pleasing when well cared for and well designed. However, if you're having a problem with unsightly mold or mildew, this can ruin the appearance of your shower. If you're having difficulties getting rid of the mold, this can be quite frustrating. You can try using hydrogen peroxide or a commercial mold-killing agent if you currently have a mold problem, but it's always better to prevent such problems before they get started. So, if you have a new shower enclosure and it's not moldy yet, here are two principles that you can apply to help you reduce the chances of developing this unsightly and unhealthy problem.

1. You can't keep mold spores out of your house

Mold spores are tiny and you won't notice when they float in with the breeze. In fact, mold spores can come in the door with you when you get home from work and any other time you allow outside air into your home. Once they're in, these spores simply float around, waiting until they find a good place to settle down and come out of their dormant state. Since you can't keep them out, it's better to focus on keeping them from settling down. You can use air cleaning systems to filter out some of the mold spores that come in. 

2. Mold and mildew prevention involves preventing damp areas

Every time you take a shower, the air becomes noticeably more humid throughout your bathroom. You may not notice it, but the mold spores sure do. If the area stays damp enough for long enough, the spores will get to work and produce an unsightly black mildew colony on the glass of your shower enclosure, usually on the inside because that tends to be the dampest spot. To prevent this, it's best to attack the problem from several angles. Each time you take a shower, you should be careful to:

  • Turn on your ventilation fan when you turn on the water
  • Leave the shower door open when you get out to allow air circulation
  • Consider opening a window or using an electric fan to increase ventilation

These principles will help you direct your mold prevention efforts into effective channels, such as keeping mold from settling down in your shower enclosure by making sure it doesn't stay wet for long periods of time.

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