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The Best Way To Get Carpet Off The Floor

Carpet removal is a project that you can probably do on your own so you can save some money on your project. Obviously, unless you are a carpet installer, you probably don't want to try and handle the actual installation yourself. But, removing the carpet only requires a few basic tools. The work is pretty tiring, and you will need a few helpers to finish it in a reasonable timeframe. This article explains a few tips that can make your carpet removal less strenuous.

Cut the Carpet First

Perhaps the easiest way to remove carpet is to cut it beforehand. That is, most people will start to tear up the carpet and then cut it into smaller sections that can be rolled up and carried away. However, if you actually cut the carpet into sections before trying to lift it off of the subfloor, you can make it easier on yourself.

The best tool for cutting the carpet is a utility knife. Make sure you have several replacement blades because you're cutting will definitely make your knife dull, especially if you are cutting carpet on top of a concrete subfloor. If you don't have this tool, you can find a utility knife at a hardware store, like Hardware Plus Inc.

Once you have the knife, cut a straight line from one wall to the other, all the way across the room. Usually, each section should be less than 6' wide to enable you to easily lift and carry it. This cutting technique is definitely more convenient because it is actually easier to cut through the carpet while it is still installed on the floor. Once the carpet is removed from the floor and loose, it can be hard to cut it because the blade catches and the carpet folds up. By cutting straight lines before even attempting to remove the carpet, you can definitely speed up the removal process.

Remove the Wooden Tack Strips

Once the carpet is off of the floor, you just need to remove the tack strips. These can be a little difficult to remove, especially if they were initially installed with glue. If only nails were used, you should have no problem prying them off of the floor with a chisel or screwdriver. You might also need to use a hammer to help knock away the small nails that are still stuck to the subfloor after the strip is removed. 

As you can see, this work is not complicated, and it does not require any special training. As long as you can handle the bending over and lifting, you should have no problem with this project.

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