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A Bit On The Shapes And Colors Of Fend Shui Architecture

The basic idea behind feng shui architecture is to design and create a place that is harmonious and balances the energies found in nature. If you are having your home built, and want it to feel and look like it fits perfectly in with the surroundings, you need to take the landscape and everything you see outside the home into consideration. To help get you started, here is a bit of information on the shapes and colors you should use to achieve the correct feel.


To incorporate the energy of fire, giving off the feel of strength and protection, use a more triangular shape to the building. Perhaps you could build an A-frame home. To balance this with nature, use a water shape, or something horizontal, to provide the flowing feel of a stream. To achieve this, add extensions to either side of the A-frame. Perhaps one side could be the kitchen and the other could be a den or library. The center section or the lower portion of the "A" can be the main living room. To give the feeling of earth, which provides a peaceful, secure atmosphere, you may want to build a geodesic dome as the main portion of your house. This element can also be felt in a square building. You can add in rectangular portions to bring in the element of wood.


Colors are important to the concept of feng shui architecture and also correlate to the different shapes. Purple, red, and orange are associated with strength and recognition. These colors should be used on triangular, fire, building. Success is often signified by blues and greens on a horizontal, water, buildings. However, these colors should also be used with rectangular buildings to help with prosperity. Green is also a good color choice when trying to maintain a healthy family in a square or dome-shaped earth building.

After a long day at work, you want to be able to relax and feel good in your home. When feng shui is used to create the look and feel of the whole property when seen from the outside, you should also use the principles to decorate the interior. If you live in a home that is balanced and harmonious you will find yourself feeling the same. This makes it easier to face the outside world and all the stress and problems that can go with it. Of course, if you are not sure how to put things into balance, contact a feng shui master to help.

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