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Making Sure A Small Tree Is Kept Safe From Shock When Moving It To A New Location

If you have a small tree on your property that you would like to have moved to another area to make room for an addition on your home, you are most likely concerned about its well-being during the process. Transplanting a small deciduous tree can be done with proper planning ahead of time to ensure it does not suffer shock from being moved. Here are some tips you can use to help keep the tree protected when it is transplanted to a new location on your property.

Move The Tree At The End Of Fall Or The Winter

It is best to avoid moving a tree during a time when it is in full bloom, as this is when it is likely to go into shock from a change of conditions. Waiting until after a tree loses its leaves will ensure it is in a dormant state, which is when it will not go into shock as readily. While it will be colder weather to do the removal and transplanting process, it will be best for the tree and have a better chance of thriving when it becomes active once again in the springtime.

Make Sure The New Location Is Similar In Nutrient Content

When you seek a spot to place the tree, it is important to consider the type of soil the plant will be using for its new home. Moving a tree from a nutrient-filled location to one with rocky soil can cause havoc to the overall life cycle of the tree. Get a soil test done of prospective spots in your yard, as well as the spot where the tree is presently located for comparison purposes. This will allow you to choose a spot with similar soil composition for less chance poor growth.

Ensure Competition Is Not Too Abundant In The New Area

In addition to picking the right soil, you will also want to select a spot where there is not an abundance of foliage. If you replant your tree in a spot where there are many other trees, shrubs, or bushes nearby, the amount of moisture the transplanted tree will retain may not be as much as needed. The replanting of the tree can also cause existing foliage in the new spot to suffer from lack of moisture as well. After the tree is positioned, make sure to place mulch around the base of the tree to aid in moisture retention.

Talk with a tree removal and care specialist for more advice.

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