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How To Smooth Out Wrinkles In Your Pool Liner

Wrinkles in your liner can happen for any number of reasons. It can happen if you have runoff water running too closely to your pool and washing away the ground beneath your pool. Wrinkles can happen when you first install your pool liner if you didn't stretch and smooth out the wrinkles before putting the water into your pool. Another reason you can have wrinkles can be from shrinkage from the sun, or even from the chemicals you add to your pool. The good news is that you can smooth out the wrinkles. See below for tips and instructions.

Why Remove The Wrinkles?

You want pool liner wrinkles removed because dirt and other debris can get into those wrinkles, which can be difficult to remove with a vacuum. If left in the wrinkles, you can get stains that can ultimately wear through your liner and eventually get a leak. A new liner can be expensive, so try to remove those wrinkles as best as you can. Wrinkles can also look unsightly in your pool, or not feel so nice beneath your feet. 

How To Remove Wrinkles

  1. Take Out Water. If you have a pool full of water, you can take most of the water out using a submersible pump. When you have about two-thirds removed, use your feet and hands to smooth out the wrinkles as best you can. Then fill the pool back up, continuing to smooth the pool liner as it fills to prevent those wrinkles (or any new ones) from coming back.
  2. Use A Plunger. If taking water out isn't an option for you, use a toilet plunger to help remove the wrinkles. Take a toilet plunger and plunge above, below or next to the wrinkles to try and move the liner around a bit. Don't try to plunge directly on the wrinkle, or you can worsen it.
  3. Call A Professional. If you have tried to smooth out the wrinkles, and tried the plunger, it may be time to call in a professional for help. A professional pool installation company may be able to help you get rid of those wrinkles for a smooth pool liner that is easy to clean and feels great beneath your feet.

Wrinkles can happen to your pool liner when it's installed, after a cold winter season, from the summer sun or even from chemicals that you've added to your pool. Get rid of the wrinkles to help lengthen the life of your liner. If need be, contact a professional pool installation company like for help.

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