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3 Common Questions About Shotcrete Services

While you may have heard of the term shotcrete before and know that it is a specialized form of concrete work, you may not be exactly sure what it is or how it works. Since this kind of concrete is very specialized and can be very helpful for certain things, it is important to know what it is and what it can do. This article is going to answer 3 common questions that people often have about shotcrete.

How Does It Work?

Shotcrete differs from regular concrete in the way that it is put into place. Rather than pouring it into a mold on the ground, shotcrete is sprayed through a hose onto a pre-existing mold. This is able to work because of the high pressure at which the shotcrete is shot out of the house, as well as the support structures in place to hold the cement. These support structures generally include wires, rods, and mesh that are generally made from steel. Because the shotcrete sticks well to the structures, it is allowed to harden and create whatever structure you have created a mold for. It also doesn't require formation and compaction like regular cement does, so you aren't going to have to worry about it not setting up correctly, having air bubbles in the concrete, etc. 

What Can Be Made From Shotcrete?

The whole purpose of shotcrete was to be able to create structures that were not possible with regular concrete. One such example is a swimming pool. The shotcrete is able to be sprayed right onto the the mold for the pool, so it can create the curved sides and bottom of a pool shape with ease. Some of the other specialized items that can be made from shotcrete include water towers, reservoirs, linings for canals, tunnels, or any other structure that is somewhat unique in shape and can't be created using general cement framing. The ability to place cement in this fashion has made it much easier to create unique structures out of cement, without compromising its safety and durability. 

Is Dry Or Wet Shotcrete Better?

Just as with wet or dry concrete, you are going to have pros and cons to both. Dry shotcrete is going to be mixed at the nozzle, and the proper amount of water is added by the professional running the hose. This is great for making sure that you get the proper mixture for the structure that you are working on. However, it requires a skilled hand to ensure that the proper amount of water is added at the proper time. Wet shotcrete is going to be easier to spray out of the hose, but you aren't going to get to customize the amount of water added to the concrete as easily. 

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