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Schedule Your Contract Lift For Lunchtime To Save Money

Sometimes, it's impossible to move forward with a residential construction project without renting a crane. If a large object, such as a hot tub, can't be dismantled it may not fit around a home's existing landscaping or through its standard-sized doors. The only way to continue with the project may be to lift it over the house. If you need to rent a crane for your construction project, the rental will increase the cost of your project. Scheduling your crane rental for lunchtime, however, will keep these additional costs minimal.

You'll Need a Contract Lift

The type of crane rental you'll need is called a "contract lift." A contract lift  is simply a contract between a renter (you) and a crane rental service to complete a particular lift. Everything needed is included in the contact and provided by the crane services provider. These are used for residential projects, because homeowners, and even small residential developers, often aren't equipped to provide a crane operator, insurance for the lift, extra support staff and any other needed equipment.

In contrast, crane hires include the crane only. In these agreements, which are usually used for large commercial projects, the renter provides the operator, insurance, support staff and any other required equipment.

You'll Pay an Hourly Rate

For many small residential projects, contract lifts are charged by the hour. While your crane services provider may also offer daily and weekly rates, it doesn't take long to lift a single object over a house. Paying an hourly rate, therefore, is usually the least expensive option.

Paying an hourly rate, however, doesn't mean your crane rental will be cheap. Crane rentals typically cost somewhere from $100 to $600 per hour. The time charged is calculated from the moment the crane leaves the crane rental company's facility until it returns -- which includes the time it's in transit.

Because the amount you'll pay will include the time the crane's being transported to and from your home, you can save money by scheduling the lift so that the crane is in transit as little as possible.

You Can Schedule the Lift for Lunchtime

Specifically, you can schedule your lift for lunchtime. By having the lift at lunchtime, you'll give the crane rental service plenty of time to bring the crane to your location after the morning rush hour and get it back to their facility before the evening rush hour is in full swing. The crew can leave the facility after traffic has died down, come and perform the lift, and go back before most workers are headed home.

Depending on where you live, this could shorten the amount of time you pay for by just a few minutes or by a significant amount. Even if you only shave 15 minutes off of your contract lift, though, you stand to save.

For example, assume the total time of your lift takes 4 hours. According to the above-cited rates, the cost of this lift would be between $400 and $2,400. Reducing it by 15 minutes would lower the price of the lift to somewhere between $375 and $2,250 -- saving you between $25 and $150, depending on your hourly rate.

A savings of $25 to $150 might not seem like a lot when you're paying hundreds or thousands of dollars to rent a crane. Every little savings, however, will help keep your total project cost low. Best of all, you don't have to do much to reap these savings. All you have to do is ask the crane services provider you hire to perform the contract lift around lunchtime. It's a simple request that could net you a significant savings. For more information, contact a company like Winslow Crane Service Co.

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