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5 Custom Glass Gifts Ideas For Newlyweds

As you celebrate the wedding and love of newlyweds in your life, one decision that you need to make is the wedding gift. Instead of going with something simple or basic like a gift card, you can give a special gift created with custom glass. When ordering a custom glass product, you are getting a one of a kind item that you can give to the newlywed couple. Browse through five different custom glass products that are ideal for a newlywed couple. Each product is a great gift for a couple to celebrate their love and marriage together.

Custom Glass Mirrors

Custom glass mirrors are a great way to give a sentimental gift that can last for years to come. A glass mirror can be crafted and placed in multiple rooms of a home. Once you decide on a room, you can choose the design that you want to feature. For example, if you want to purchase a wall mirror for the bathroom, you can select frame colors that match the bathroom decor. Another design element you can customize on the mirrors are imprinted decals. Custom decals can feature the bride's and groom's names, the wedding date, or symbols of their love like hearts or flowers.

A custom mirror is also great for a bar or home entertainment room. With these mirror designs, you can add more text and design details because the mirrors are used more for decorative purposes rather than for viewing reflections. For example, you can place a wedding quote on the edges of the mirror. This quote can be taken directly from the wedding ceremony or using a quote about love in general.

Fireplace Doors

Purchase a custom glass piece that can become the focal point of a room in the home. Glass fireplace door installation is a great way to block out flames, protect the area, keep smoke out of the room, and add a nice design to the home. The dual doors are great for choosing symmetrical designs that create a beautiful focal point on your fireplace. The fireplace doors can showcase the family initials infused on the custom piece. When using designs, you can have metal fused directly on the glass or have the glass etched and colored to create the designs. 

Glass Tabletops

Newlywed couples often like to purchase new furniture and items for the home. Help get them started with a custom glass tabletop. The top piece of glass can be customized to feature different thicknesses, styles, and finishes. Another way to add custom designs is with the legs of the table. The glass can be placed on all types of materials like metal, wood, or plastic. The legs are great areas to carve or etch initials or wedding dates on.

Glass Shelving Units

Present a gift that you can add small gifts to on wedding anniversaries or other occasions. A glass shelving unit adds a seamless look to a wall, and you can present all types of gifts to go with the shelving. For example, you can give the couple framed photos from their wedding or as a couple before the wedding. Keepsakes are another option. A variety of love keepsakes include small boxes, statues, and symbols that represent the couple's love and devotion. It's also a great way for the couple to display other wedding gifts that have received.

Stained Glass Gifts

A variety of stained glass designs can be given as exterior gifts for the home. Custom stained glass creations are great for hanging on front doors, porches, or decks. When designing custom stained glass pieces, you can select colors to match the wedding colors. You can also add custom text in the middle that will stand out. For example, you can add the home address number to the center. When it's hung on the front door, it's a great to recognize the home from the street. Other options include the couple's initials, floral patterns, or animal designs. Use the wedding theme and couple to decide on the final design.

Choose a glass gift that fits the couple's lifestyle and will be a memorable gift that lasts for years to come. For more information, contact a company like Sound Glass Sales, Inc.

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