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3 Ways To Increase Privacy With Your New Chain Link Fencing

Installing a chain link fence is an excellent way to increase your property value while at the same time enhance your overall security. Chain link fencing holds up well to extreme weather and lasts for decades without the need for expensive replacements. But if you value privacy on your property, you'll likely want to do a little leg work and make an update or two to your new chain link fence once it's installed – here are a few options to consider:

Grow Some Foliage

Turning your chain link fence into living fence is a great way to provide your property with some extra privacy while adding depth and color to the overall landscape. You can grow beautiful deciduous or evergreen vines as well as annual and perineal varieties in small sections along your new chain link fence to create a natural hedge that decreases noise pollution from the road, limits the view into your property by passersby, and provides you with an easy to care for garden than won't ruin your fence. Consider these options:

  • Flowering Vines – these vines are fast growing for quick privacy coverage and offer the opportunity to infuse your yard with a myriad of brilliant colors. Try passion flower, black-eyed Susan, or morning glory.  
  • Evergreen Vines – evergreens are a fabulous option in places where winter gets rough, but they offer beauty and privacy year-round no matter where you live. Try incorporating English ivy or creeping fig into your fence line.

If you plant your vines in three or five foot sections, you should find it easy to customize your design by alternating plant types and color options between one another. By alternating deciduous, evergreen, and annual foliage, you'll ensure that your fence line stays vibrant year round.

Make Use of Lattice

An easy way to provide your property with some extra privacy is to attach some customized lattice to it. It's an inexpensive do-it-yourself project that will take you no more than a weekend to complete and give you the privacy you want without being an eyesore. While you can pay for customized lattice of a specific color and texture, it may be more cost effective to purchase plain white lattice from your local home improvement store and customize them yourself.

This will give you an opportunity to paint it the colors you want while giving it a unique look with the help of stencils. Weaving thick rope through the lattice offers a beach-like feel and will give your property even more privacy. Alternatively, you can use weatherproof material to cover the lattice if you prefer for a trendy and textured look.

Incorporate Tapestries

Another interesting option to consider is having custom weatherproof tapestries made to hang along the parts of your chain link fence where you want added privacy. When hung along your fence line, tapestries offer some extra shade to take advantage of in the yard and will act as a wind break on stormy nights to help protect your foliage and home from wind damage.

Large pieces of canvas work well as fence tapestries as they can be printed on and with minimal maintenance, they tend not to mold or wilt in the outdoor elements. You'll find that it's easy to work with during installation and maintenance too. Consider having nature themes printed on your tapestries for a fun look, or hire a graphic designer to make them look like stone walls or hedges for a more natural look.

You should be able to get the results you're looking for by implementing just one of these design tips and tricks into your landscape. To enhance depth and texture, consider incorporating a variety of these options into your overall design. 

For more information on chain link fences and options to increase privacy, contact fencing contractors, such as those at Nickelston Fence Inc.

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