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Simple Repairs For Common Gutter Problems

Gutters are important for keeping your roof and foundation healthy. They allow the water from rain and melted snow to run off properly away from your home. When you experience issues with your gutters, you need to catch them immediately before they turn into huge problems. Here are some common gutter issues and easy solutions for fixing them.

Sagging Gutters

If your gutters are sagging or pulling away from your house, it's most likely an issue with the hangers that they're fastened to your home with. Either the hangers are spaced too far apart to properly hold the weight of your gutters or they have deteriorated. You can fix the problem yourself. You can buy new hangers and fasteners for just a few dollars from the hardware store. Replace the old ones with the new ones, and your gutters will be good as new. You want to do it as soon as the gutters begin to sag. If they fall, the hangers can rip out of your house fascia and leave you with more extensive repairs.

Clogged Gutters

The extra weight from clogged gutters can make your gutters sag as well. The clogs will also cause the water to run off all around your house, because the debris inside will render them useless. You need to clean your gutters up to a few times per year, depending on how many trees you have near your home. If you're surrounded by trees, you'll want to clean them every couple of weeks throughout autumn to clean out the falling leaves. If you don't, you could face costly repairs.

You can avoid the problem altogether with gutter guards. They're like strainers that go over your gutters so the rain can go through the holes, but nothing else can. Even then, you want to make sure that leaves aren't laying on top of the guards and blocking the water from going through.

If you're experiencing a particularly cold winter, you want to make sure you don't have ice inside your gutters or on your gutter guards. The weight from the ice will weigh down your gutters much more quickly than leaves do. You can sprinkle some salt in your gutters to melt the ice to get rid of it quickly.

Leaking Gutters

Your gutters are not just one long piece. They're several pieces of aluminum that snap together. Sometimes the gutter joints begin to come apart, and it results in a leak. If you see water rushing down between your gutter joints, you need to repair your gutters as quickly as possible before they completely fall apart. You can repair the gutters with a gutter sealant or a caulk made out of silicon. Climb your ladder to reach the gutter at the leaky joints. Make sure the gutter is dry, and put the caulk or sealant along the joint. Do it on a day when it's not forecasted to rain for at least 24 hours. Alternatively, you could choose to invest in seamless gutters.

Improper Water Flow

Water can't flow through the gutters if they're not pitched properly. If you installed your own gutters or had another non-professional install them, they might not be pitched right. This means that they aren't at a correct angle for the water to flow and drain properly. The gutters don't have to slope much. Every ten feet, they should slope about a half inch.

 If you have gutter problems, not fixing them can lead to serious and permanent damage. When the rain runs off the side of your home, instead of down the gutter properly, it will pool at the base of your home. The pooling water will build up and soak into your foundation, causing serious foundation problems. For more information, contact a local gutter installation and maintenance company. 

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