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AC Blowing Warm to Cool Air? 3 Tips to Feel More Comfortable at Night Until it's Fixed

If your air conditioner blows warm to cool air during the hottest days of summer, you may feel very uncomfortable until it's fixed. The nights may be even worse. But with the right tips, you may sleep more comfortably during the night. Here are three ideas to make your home feel cooler at night, as well as tips to improve the performance of your AC until your HVAC contractor repairs it.

1.  Freeze Your Sheets

According to some sources, you may feel more comfortable during the night when your indoor environment is between 60-68 °Fahrenheit. The cooler the room feels, the less heat your body retains throughout the night. Although you can't use your AC until it's repaired, you may try to lower the temperatures in your bed by placing cotton sheets in the freezer several hours before you retire for the night.

The cool cotton material of the sheets may allow the skin to breathe during the night by absorbing your body's sweat. In addition, the cool sheets may gradually reduce your body's core or resting temperature of 98.6 °Fahrenheit. 

2.  Line Your Bed With Frozen Bags of Vegetables and Fruit

Placing several bags of frozen foods, such as vegetables and fruit, along the edges and center of your bed may help keep you cool. To keep your body temperature or warm bedroom from thawing out the bags too fast, place the bags between your sheets and bed's mattress.

If you don't have vegetables or fruit, fill several food storage containers with ice and place them beneath your sheets instead. The storage containers should feature seal-tight lids as well. The lids will prevent water from soaking up your bed during the night once the ice melts or if the containers accidentally tip over. If you still feel unsure about placing the containers of ice in your bed, wrap clear or silver tape around the areas between the lids and containers to reinforce them even more.

3.  Push Hot Air Out of the Home With a Box Fan

Setting a box fan in the windows of your bedroom and living room may be an option for you. You want to pull or push the warm to cool air out the house with the fans. Simply place the fans backwards in the window so that the blades blow air toward the outside of the home. The circulating blades may also block the warm outdoor air from entering your house by blowing against it.

Take Care of Your Fan Before Help Arrives

After following tips above, check the position of the air ducts in your attic. You want to see if any of the ducts popped loose from the openings of the air vents connected to your ceiling. If so, carefully reposition the ducts over the vents and secure them with silver foil tape until the HVAC technician arrives later.

If the ducts are old or large, you may need someone to help you reposition the ducts properly to avoid damaging them. Also, look for tears and nicks on the ducts. If possible, you may cover the damages with the foil tape to help reduce cold air loss in your home. 

Finally, take a small broom or brush and clean the grilles and registers over your air vents. Contaminants, such as strands of hair and dust, can block these locations over time and reduce the flow of cold air into the home. You want to reduce the strain on your struggling AC as much as possible until it's repaired.

The tips above may improve the comfort in your home so that you may sleep better at night. If you have immediate concerns about your cooling system's problem, contact an air conditioning repair contractor.

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