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Full-Time RV Lifestyle: Establish An Affordable Home Base

Ah, the life of a nomad… it's exciting and adventurous, which are some of the reasons many people consider living in an RV full-time. But this lifestyle is also extremely challenging, especially in today's society where you need a permanent home of record for things like driver's licenses, taxes and bills. If you are considering getting rid of your traditional home and living the full-time RV lifestyle, consider establishing a home base equipped with an RV garage and mini-apartment. Here are a few things you need to know.

What is a home base & why is it necessary?

Contrary to a true nomadic lifestyle, in which there is nowhere to call home other than the RV, it's a good idea to have a home base. A home base for full-time RVing can simply consist of an RV garage with a small apartment or studio attached to it. This will give you the ability to do the following:

  • establish residency
  • have additional storage
  • get ongoing medical care

While these things can be done with an apartment or house, you probably don't want the expenses that are involved. Instead, buy property where you can build a large RV garage with an attached mini-apartment, and one that's zoned for a septic system. Be sure to check the local zoning laws before buying.  

Use the amenities in your RV while at your home base

Your home base can be a steel garage large enough to park your RV in, complete with a storage area and a room or two to relax in. The steel garage can be built on a concrete pad. You'll want the structure to be large enough to accommodate your RV when it is fully opened up with all the slide-outs. Also, allow enough space around the RV so you can perform maintenance and repairs on it while it's in the garage.

Your property will not need water lines, because you'll use your RV's kitchen and bathroom. Sounds confusing? It's not. The concept is that you will park your RV in the garage and continue to use the kitchen and bathroom facilities in the RV. Therefore, the only thing you'll need as far as water and sewer goes is a septic system on which you can install an RV dump. Your garage builder can customize your structure with a doorway that lines up with your RV's holding tank for easy access to the RV dump.

Inside the RV garage, you can have a studio apartment, which is simply a room to relax in, or a mini-apartment with a living room and a bedroom. Remember, you will use the kitchen and bathroom in your RV. The main reason for this is so you won't have to worry about pipes freezing during the winter while you are on the road.

If you want electricity in your structure, check with local energy suppliers to see if any of them offer a pay-as-you-go plan for electricity usage. This will allow you to turn the electricity on only when you need it. If you prefer to use a generator, you won't be able to operate it inside your garage unless you leave the garage doors open. Instead, ask your builder to attach a generator shed to the garage. That way, you won't have to worry about dangerous fumes and the generator will be secure while you are traveling.

Traveling full-time in an RV can be relaxing and enjoyable, at least until life's little challenges get in the way. There will be times when having a home base is a great idea, such as when you simply do not have any more room left in your RV for yet another souvenir or when you need to have a root canal but don't want to have it done by a dentist you've never met before.

If you are looking for a construction company to build your steel garage home base, then consider contacting one like Commercial Industries Company Inc.

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