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Problems That Can Prevent Radiators From Heating Up

A boiler is a furnace that heats a home with hot water, radiators, and pipes, and problems with any of these components can prevent a boiler from working properly. If you are having a problem with a lack of heat with certain radiators, you will need to call a plumber or heating repair company to find out why this is happening and how to fix it.

How Radiators Produce Heat

To produce heat, a boiler will heat up hot water and send it through pipes in a home. As the hot water is transported through these pipes, it will run through the radiators tied to the system. When this happens, the radiators will heat up and will radiate heat into the rooms they are in.

When the heating system is turned on, the radiators will feel hot to the touch, and all of the radiators in the home should heat up. If you have a zone system, the radiators will only heat up if the correct zone is turned on.

If you have every zone on in your home and cannot get heat from any of the radiators, the problem is most likely due to an issue with the boiler itself. The boiler might not be working at all, or there could be some other type of issue that is preventing it from creating or transferring hot water through the system.

If you have only one (or a few) radiators that will not heat up, it typically represents a problem with those particular radiators, and a plumber can fix this problem for you.

Issues That Might Exist

There are several different issues that could be stopping certain radiators in your house from working, and a plumber will look into each of these things to find out the problem:

  • Radiator is shut off – Most radiators have valves on them that you can use to turn the radiators on and off. If your radiators have these valves, this is probably the first thing the plumber will check. When a valve is shut off, it stops hot water from entering the radiator, and when this happens a radiator cannot heat up. If the valve is turned to the off position on a radiator, turning this valve on will usually fix the problem.
  • Air trapped in the system – Because a boiler operates with a closed system, the water it contains is used over and over. Water can escape from the system, though. When this happens, air replaces the water, which can lead to problems. One of the problems is failure to heat all radiators in a house. To fix this problem, the plumber will need to bleed the system, which is not hard to do if there are bleeder valves on the radiators. If bleeder valves are not present, the plumber can install them and then bleed the system.
  • Problem with boiler – If neither of these options is a good solution for the problem, the plumber will check the boiler itself. If the boiler is cycling on and off, this could be what is preventing the radiators from working. There are several things that can cause a boiler to do this, including the thermostat. If the thermostat is shorting out or malfunctioning, it could cause this problem. Another common cause is due to too much pressure in the boiler system. A plumber can fix this by either replacing thermostat or reducing the amount of pressure in the system.

Boiler heat is often considered the most even and consistent type of heat available, but that is when a boiler is working properly. If you are having any type of problem with your boiler heat, contact a plumber today.

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