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4 Alterations You Should Do To Your Patio Doors When You Own A Dog

By adding an attractive set of patio doors onto your home, you will improve upon your home's value and its usefulness. When you have a family dog that will use your patio door, there are a few alterations you will need to make to your doors. Here are four things you should consider adding onto your patio doors to keep them working and looking great. 

Internal Window Blinds

One of the first things you will need with new glass patio doors, whether they are french doors or sliding, is a nice set of blinds. Window blinds are going to keep the sun out of your home during the summer, and give you privacy. 

When you have window blinds on your patio doors, and a dog in the house, your pet can get tangled in the window blinds and tear them up. Even if you were to hang curtains, your dog can scratch and ruin them.

To install blinds on a patio door, the best option is to install internal window blinds that are set between two panes of glass. You will be able to operate the blinds from inside your home, opening and closing the blinds just as you could if they were hung normally outside of the glass. 

With blinds sealed neatly under glass, your dog won't be able to mangle them up, and you can keep your privacy and the sun out.

Pet Screens

Some patio doors come with glass windows you can slide open or remove and replace with a window screen. Because your dog has claws, there is a chance that your dog will scratch at the screen, damaging it. It is a good idea to install a pet screen in your patio doors so that they don't get damaged. 

Pet screens are made of a strong material that won't tear or break from pet claws and teeth. One type of pet screen is made of fiberglass mesh combined with PVC to make it much stronger than regular fiberglass. A heavy-duty, vinyl-coated polyester is one of the strongest pet screens, seven times stronger than regular screen mesh. You can choose your door's pet screen from a selection of various mesh weights, thicknesses, and screen weave sizes. 

Doggie Door

Instead of letting your dog in and out each time they want to go outside to play or do their business, you can install a doggie door on your new patio doors. This will give your dog the freedom to go in or out whenever they want to.

With either french doors or sliding glass doors, you can install a doggie door in a way that looks nice and is energy efficient. 

You can install your doggie door in one of the lower panes of glass on french doors with separate glass panels. On a sliding glass door, you can frame your doggie door within the corner of the window glass.  Or, you can add a separate doggie door panel that fits inside the open gap between the sliding door and the door frame. And, you can install your doggie door alongside your pet-friendly internal window blinds.

Anti-scratch Vinyl Door Finishes 

Even when you have a doggie door installed on your patio doors, your dog may still scratch at the doors while they are playing, entering, or exiting your home. This situation calls for a protective vinyl covering on your new doors. 

If you have a wooden door, you can install clear vinyl panels over the wood to protect the door's surface. Or you can buy a vinyl coated door to protect its smooth surface. 

You can also buy vinyl weatherstripping and vinyl door frame lattice that installs over your door's wood frame to protect it from any scratching and chewing.

These four alterations to your patio doors will make them better for you and your family dog. Click here to find more information about doors, or contact a local window and door company. 

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